4th “Internet +” Smart Energy Technologies and Application Summit

Date:    26 May 2020
Room:  Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Grand Shanghai Ballroom 2
Time: 09:00-12:30

With the theme of “Technology Innovation and Ubiquitous IOT", which is upgraded from last year’s theme of “Deep Integration, Projects Matchmaking”, the 4th Energy Internet Technologies and Application Summit will continue to explore the topics about energy Internet technology and development, ubiquitous energy IOT, blockchain and integrated energy services, technical standard drafting, demonstration projects implementation and matchmaking. It will involve discussions regarding: energy Internet incentives and development, demonstration projects, technical systems and standard systems; energy Internet, integrated energy, multi-energy complementary structure and key technologies; “Power - Grid - Load - Storage” and “Cloud - Communication - Edge - End” platforms as well as energy trading; technological convergence and collaborative optimization of energy with new technologies such as 5G, big data, IOT, blockchain, AI, etc. 

The Summit will invite scholars, experts, engineers, entrepreneurs and other PV professionals from different fields of politics, industry, academic, research and corporation to join this platform with deep integration and project matchmaking between PV and energy Internet. The important role of energy Internet in the development of the Yangtze River Delta will be highlighted.


Opening remarks

Theme 1: Policy, Market, Technology and Innovation

  1. Energy Internet related policies and development
  2. Multi-energy complementation and energy Internet, integrated energy system and services
  3. IOT, blockchain technology and development
  4. Ubiquitous power IOT and new energy Cloud
  5. Energy Internet (integrated energy system) scheme, platform, scenario, service and application
  6. Energy Internet key technologies and devices
  7. “Power - Grid - Load - Storage” and energy trading
  8. Micro energy network scenario and scheme
  9. Ubiquitous and deep interconnection of distributed energy
  10. New energy in the “One Belt and Road”

Theme 2: Energy Digitalization, Information Security, Blockchain and Integrated Energy Services

  1. Industrial Internet and energy digitalization
  2. Case practice by State Grid: Cloud Platform
  3. Case practice by Huawei: “Cloud - Communication - Edge - End”
  4. Energy IOT and sensors
  5. Promoting high quality development of energy Internet driven by value
  6. Application prospect of blockchain in integrated energy services
  7. Blockchain based energy trading and energy system of decentralized autonomous energy Internet
  8. Protection and security of key data in the era of energy Internet
  9. Internet security development direction and trend
  10. Energy Internet security management

Theme 3: Energy Internet Standards and NEA Demonstration Projects

  1. Energy Internet standard system
  2. Technical guidelines for micro energy network and regional energy Internet
  3. International approach of energy Internet standard
  4. Case Practices

Panel Discussion 1

Policy, Technology and Innovation



  • Energy Internet technology system and innovation
  • How could energy digitization promote the interconnection, opening and sharing of all kinds of energy?
  • Deep integration and collaborative innovation with new technology
  • Integrated energy services and blockchain

Panel Discussion 2

Demonstration, standard and landing



  • Application and practice of demonstration projects
  • Standard system and core standards of energy Internet
  • EU smart grid standard system and security
  • Connection between energy Internet standards and demonstration projects

Closing remarks






Energy Internet Standardization Technical Committee


Smart Energy Committee


Supporting Partners:

Shanghai Education and Communication Centre of Green Energy