Global Green Energy & PV Financial Summit

Date:    26 May 2020
Room:  Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Grand Shanghai Ballroom 2
Time: 13:30 – 17:30

The Summit will focus on how to provide strong impetus for sustainable development for the new energy industry, revitalize the PV industry and open up a new stage of the PV industry in the new era of grid parity and the new stage of the new energy development driven by the ubiquitous power Internet of things. It will build a new energy system based on PV power generation in combination with energy storage, smart power distribution, smart energy use and digital energy, improve the market scale and create greater development space.

Focusing on green finance and fintech, the conference will gather senior experts and stakeholders of PV and renewable energy industries to discuss the key year of the transition to grid parity. In PV technology development, PV power station investment and financing, construction, trading, and construction of a new energy system, a series of financial tools, financial systems, financial policies and financial services, technological means of PVc finance, how to use big data, cloud computing blockchain and other technologies, real-time monitoring of PV power station operation status, power generation quantity, power generation income and other information, as well as new energy assets with technology + risk control + insurance service mode. It provides guarantee for the realization of efficient value circulation of PV assets.


Opening remarks

Theme 1: Interpretation of PV policies and the influence of the industry development status on PV finance

  1. New characteristics of PV industry development during energy revolution background
  2. The restructuring of PV market and electricity marketization
  3. Analysis of PV industry orientation and market scale in the era of grid parity
  4. Prospect of PV development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period
  5. New opportunities in overseas PV market

Theme 2: Promoting green finance in PV financing sharing and application

  1. Build a green financial service system to provide power for PV enterprises
  2. Mergers and acquisitions trends and prospects in China's energy sector
  3. IFC, member of the World Bank group, helps develop new energy sector in China
  4. Investment cost analysis of grid parity program of PV electricity
  5. Financial lease promotes the development of PV industry

Theme 3: PV finance under the new generation of information technology

  1. How to apply blockchain, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to effectively improve the efficiency of asset value flow
  2. Ubiquitous Electric Internet of things promotes the development of new energy
  3. How does Internet + financial digitization promote investment in solar power plants
  4. PV power station investment trends, business models, financial instruments and quality control

Panel Discussion 1

Opportunities and challenges in the new era of grid parity



  • Impact of the global situation on the PV industry and analysis of opportunities for the PV industry to go global
  • Sharing of the first batch of grid parity demonstration projects
  • Case sharing of how high efficiency module, advanced tracking system and inverter improve energy efficiency
  • New forms and development directions of PV applications under the new round of development opportunities
  • How will PV power be integrated into the power grid to provide strong support?

Panel Discussion 2

Opportunities and challenges brought by energy digitalization to PV investment and financing



  • Application of the new generation of information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and 5G in new energy investment
  • How to apply digital means in the transaction evaluation of PV power station assets
  • New features of PV investment and financing under the big situation of "smart energy and IOT world"
  • How can fintech support PV enterprises to cooperate with the countries along the routes of the Belt and Road
  • Risk control during PV investment and financing and relevant law

Closing remarks


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