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SNEC 13th (2019) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition Opened, Offering a Photovoltaic Technology Feast


On June 3rd, the SNEC 13th (2019) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference [SNEC PV POWER EXPO] opened in Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. On June 4th, the Opening Ceremony of SNEC 2019 International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme of the event is "For the Earth".



The event was initiated by Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations (SFEO), Shanghai Science & Technology Development and Exchange Center (SSTEC), Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA) and jointly organized by 25 international associations and organizations including Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).



The Organizing Committee of SNEC PV POWER EXPO invites a large number of governmental departments, industry organizations and more than 4000 top experts to gather at the scene to decode the development trend of the industry and answer development questions. In addition, it attracted more than 21 visits from upstream and downstream of the photovoltaic industry chain to explore business opportunities and exchange views. Countless new products have been released, and incisive views were expressed to create a song of photovoltaic technology and green life.

Experts and Scholars Explore the Developing Trend of PV Industry

For many years, SNEC PV Power Conference has always been an important platform to discuss PV industry trend. Many Industry leaders have attended the conference opening ceremony and expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the conference, including: Mr Dinghuan SHI, Honorary Chairman of SNEC2019 PV Power Conference; Mr Pin GAN, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality; Mr Jun ZHONG, Vice-Chairman of China Energy Research Society; Mr Xiaoping XIE, Chairman of SPIC Huanghe HydroPower Development Co., Ltd.; Mr Zhen WANG, Director of Shanghai Science & Technology Exchange Center; Mr Hefu LI, Vice-President and Secretary-General of Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations; Mr Gongshan ZHU, Chairman of SNEC2019 PV Power Conference, Chairman of Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC) and Chairman of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA); Mr Jifan GAO, Co-Chairman of Global Solar Council (GSC) and President of China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA); Mr Yonghua LU, Chairman of Jiangsu Linyang Group and Chairman of the Board in Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd.; Prof Martin GREEN, Scientia Professor at the University of New South Wales; Prof Armin ABERLE,CEO of Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS).


At the Opening of the Conference, on behalf of China Energy Research Society and Mr Xinxiong WU, Mr Jun ZHONG, Vice-Chairman of China Energy Research Society offered warm congratulations on the opening of this conference. He said, “Photovoltaic power generation should work closely with power companies. Because, power will be used by users ultimately. Without the support of power companies, the promotion of photovoltaic and new energy will be difficult. Also, we need smart grid, because the future of photovoltaic development will be smart. Many power consumers that use electricity, will be PV power suppliers who sell power to the grid. So, it is a two-way transaction. The power grid must be smart, and it needs to keep up.

Mr Pin GAN, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality said, With the support of the relevant ministries and commissions in China, especially the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee (STCSM), the Green Technology Bank in Shanghai had been officially launched and formally established at the beginning of the year. In the future, Green Technology Bank will further expand and promote the global promotion of green technology, including photovoltaic technology. In addition, we will actively promote the development of distributed energy, energy data and other fields. Besides, we will create a future energy city in Jinshan district, where there are new energy sources such as wind energy, photovoltaic energy and hydrogen energy. We sincerely welcome all the enterprises present to showcase and exchange technologies there.


Mr Gongshan ZHU, Chairman of SNEC2019 PV Power Conference, Chairman of Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC) and Chairman of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) said in the Opening Ceremony, In 2018, China announced photovoltaic subsidy. In 2019, PV enters an era of non-subsidized grid parity. Participating in this years SNEC conference, I recalled two sentences: the flowers remain the same year after year, and the green mountain is still smiling in the spring breeze. Although the SNEC conference is similar year after year, the process of energy change is accelerating, and the photovoltaic industry has entered an important turning point of high-quality development. It is undoubtedly of great historical significance to hold this conference and exhibition.

Mr Yonghua LU, Chairman of Jiangsu Linyang Group, which is the only co-sponsor for the Opening Ceremony said, ”The subsidy gradual backslope and the arrival of grid parity era force photovoltaic enterprises to enter a differentiated competitive era from the comfortable period. Facing the new development of PV, photovoltaic practitioners need to pay attention to industry focuses including technological upgrading, industrial integration and cost reduction, system optimization, resource reserve, overseas market, etc., under the new situation.”

Mr Pranav MEHTA, Chairman of National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) and Chairman of Global Solar Council (GSC) expressed congratulation on the opening of the event and made a speech. He said, ”We all know India has a rapid growth, and the government is vigorously promoting the development of PV industry with ambitious goals. We have a goal of 275GW renewable energy. I would also like to say that in our emerging markets, including Brazil, Mexico, Ukraine, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, renewable energy is developing very fast.”

Mr Jifan GAO, Co-Chairman of Global Solar Council (GSC) and Chairman of China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA) said, ”The diversification trend of photovoltaic market is becoming more and more obvious. It is expected that the overseas market will grow from 60 GW last year to about 85 GW this year. Domestic market policies have been issued in the past few days, and there will be restorative growth in the market”.


Prof Armin ABERLE, Chairman of the SNEC 2018 Scientific Conference said, ”The most important thing of this conference is the Scientific Conference. Our conference is a very good opportunity. It is an excellent platform for the global practitioners, scientists, academics and enterprises in the solar photovoltaic industry. We can discuss the latest technological progress and application prospects together.”

This year, SNEC has organized 25 professional forums, with top PV elites gathering in the conference room and brilliant speeches given. The forums include the Opening Ceremony & Plenary, Solar Leaders Dialogue, Scientific Conference, Global Green Energy and PV Financial Summit, Industry Workshop on PV Intelligent Manufacturing Technology, Industry Workshop on High Efficiency Solar Cells, Auxiliary Materials and Technologies Related, Industry Workshop on Balance of System and O&M of PV Plants, The Summit Forum on the Application of Graphene in PV Industry, Industry Workshop on Global PV Market - Outlook and Development Strategies, The 3rd Internet + Smart Energy Technologies and Application Summit.



Brand Enterprises & Thousands of Excellent Products Displayed

On June 4th, SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition opened. In the exhibition pavilion, visitors will see surging crowds, and new-product event that will be held one after another, to show the power of scientific and technological innovation. This exhibition meets to the needs of the industry, helps enterprises to promote their brands and products, pushes PV industry to develop towards smarter and better quality, promotes industry upgrading and the transformation of energy structure.


It is understood that the exhibition covers an area of 200,000 square meters and has 1836 exhibitors from over 90 countries and regions around the world. The proportion of international exhibitors is 30%. The exhibition is the most influential, international, professional and large-scale photovoltaic event in the world. Global Top 500 new energy enterprises and leading enterprises have registered for the exhibition. Other emerging markets, such as Mexico and Brazil have also sent delegations of government agencies, industry organizations, experts and entrepreneurs to participate in SNEC 2019.


The exhibitors have made great efforts in innovation and creativity. Up to now, there are many exhibitors disclosing mysterious new products, to fully display innovation points and innovative products, including Solar Cell/Module Manufacturer and System Integrator, such as GCL, Trinasolar, CanadianSolar, Suntech, Yinglisolar, Talesun, Hanwha Q Cells, LDK, JA Solar, Jinko Solar, Risen Energy, Linyang PV, Chint, Trunsun Solar, DAHAI NEW ENERGY,CECEP Solar Energy, Chinaland, SPIC, SUMIN, BYD, Jolywood, DZS Solar, Hanergy, TONGWEI, HANGZhOU JINJIang GROUP, Xinjing Solar, TBEA SunOasis, Aikosolar, Serephim, DMEGC, DSM (China); Inverter, Automatic Controller and other Supplementary Power Generating Devices Manufacturer, such as: Huawei,SUNGROW,SMA-China,Ingeteam,DELTA,Innovpower,Nader,SOFARSOLAR,TBEA SunOasis, CHINTPOWER,INVT,MOSO,SINENG,kEHUA,kstar,Sanjing,GROWATT,GoodWe,IGEN,Ginlong(Ningbo), Suntree electric, ENG Electric, SolaXPower, DONGYUAN ELECTRICAL; Solar Energy Material Manufacturers, such as: DuPont, 3M, Heraeus, Jolywood, Huitian, Xinyi Solar, SAMSUNG, Crown, HIUV, SFC, TOYOTANSO, Foremost, TianYang, MURAKAMI, COVEME, Cybrid, DSM, Janbon, TOYAL ZHAOQING; Testing Institution, such as: VDE, ISE, UL, TÜV NORD,TUV SUD, Intertek, Huayang Testing, TÜV Rheinland, NOA TEST&CERTIFICATION, SGS, Shenzhen Academy of Metrology &Quality Inspection, ICAS etc.

Top 10 Highlights Awards and Global Media Joint Interview,

A Chance to Show Off Cutting-edge Products and Advanced Idea


SNEC Top 10 Highlights Selection Event is a very eye-catching part of SNEC PV POWER EXPO, where the best technologies and products come out on top. Through media propaganda about the selection event, cutting-edge PV products and technique will be widely known in the industry. The Top 10 Highlights Award gives winners a chance to attract more customers by broadcasting quality PV projects, and to show the strength of enterprise.