Simultaneous launch

Energy Interconnection Technologies and Application Summit

With the theme of “Independent Technology Innovation and Energy Information Integration", the 4th Energy Interconnection Technologies and Application Summit will continue to deep explore the topics about energy interconnection technology and development, integration of energy information technology, comprehensive energy services and industrial upgrading. It will involve discussions regarding: energy interconnection policies and development, demonstration projects, technical and standard systems; energy interconnection, integrated energy, multi-energy complementary structure and key technologies; “Power - Grid - Load - Storage” and “Cloud - Communication - Edge - End” platforms as well as energy trading; the integration and collaborative optimization of new technologies such as energy and big data, cloud platform, IOT, mobile computing, AI, block chain, 5G, etc.

The Summit will invite scholars, experts, engineers, entrepreneurs and other PV professionals from different fields of politics, industry, academic, research and corporation to join this platform with deep integration and project matchmaking between PV and energy interconnection. The important role of energy interconnection in the development of the Yangtze River Delta will be highlighted.